DVT Pump LGT-2202DVT: Empowering DVT Prevention In Hospitals

Jul 09,2024


Longest Medical, a leader in providing physiotherapy and rehabilitation devices and solutions in China, is proud to announce the launch of its latest product, the DVT prevention pump LGT-2202DVT. This cutting-edge device is designed to make the prevention of DVT, a serious medical condition that affects millions of people worldwide, in hospital settings easier, more efficient and effective.


Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is a condition characterized by the formation of blood clots in deep veins, primarily in the legs. If left untreated, these clots can travel to vital organs and lead to life-threatening complications. In response to the evolving demands of DVT prevention in healthcare facilities, Longest Medical has developed the DVT pump LGT-2202DVT, providing healthcare professionals and patients with an effective, user-friendly solution to combat DVT.


Using DVT pumps or sequential compression therapy devices for DVT prevention provides many advantages, including reduced pain, faster recovery, shorter hospital stays, minimal complications, and improved clinical outcomes. The DVT pump LGT-2202DVT utilizes start-of-the-art sequential compression technology to stimulate blood flow and prevent the formation of blood clots. The device applies gentle and gradient pressure to the lower extremities in a precisely timed sequence, mimicking the body's natural pumping action and encouraging circulation to prevent the formation of blood clots.



In busy healthcare facilities, the mobility and convenience of a medical device is crucial. LGT-2202DVT is thus designed to be lightweight, compact, and battery-operated for healthcare providers to easily move it from place to place.


The device is equipped with an intuitive user interface, making it simple and straightforward to healthcare providers to operate. The ergonomic design of the user interface enables the healthcare providers to comfortably set and start the treatment.


By utilizing advanced garment detection technology, the LGT-2202DVT can automatically recognize the compression sleeves when connecting and set the correct pressure and compression cycle, reducing additional user interventions and improving the efficiency of care delivery.



With adjustable parameters such as pressure and duration, the LGT-2202DVT caters to the specific needs of individual patients. Healthcare professionals can customize the treatment to optimize results and enhance patient comfort.


The real-time feedback system ensures safe and efficient therapy delivery. The screen displays the real-time compression cycle, pressure and treatment time during the session, allowing healthcare providers to monitor patient response and make necessary adjustments as required.


In every medical treatment, patient safety is of utmost importance. The built-in alarm system alerts medical staff if there are any malfunctions or issues with the device. This ensures the proper function and prevents any potential harm or ineffective treatment.


As a company dedicated to developing valuable tools that empower healthcare facilities, Longest Medical is thrilled to introduce the LGT-2202DVT DVT pump. We believe that this innovative device will transform DVT prevention and treatment, providing patients with a safe and effective solution while offering healthcare professionals advanced tools to deliver optimal care."


The DVT pump LGT-2202DVT is now available for order. For more information, you can contact our sales representatives at


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Longest Medical is a leading provider of advanced physiotherapy and rehabilitation devices and solutions in China, committed to improving patient outcomes through innovation and excellence. With a diverse portfolio of products focused on various therapeutic areas, Longest Medical continuously strives to develop ground-breaking technologies that address unmet medical needs and enhance the quality of patient care.

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